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Texas Production for Railroad Commission

helps you prepare the Railroad Commission of Texas Form PR and manage your production data. It carries forward end of the month balances, calculates and verifies production figures, thereby reducing the need to file corrected reports. And when needed, Oil and Gas Forms - Texas Production will prepare your corrected reports for you. The program also reconciles run tickets with purchaser statements, graphs production data, prints owner interest reports, and prints the entire Form PR on a blank sheet of paper with your laser printer. This program also helps you file your forms electronically via the RRC's Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) system.



Standard Functions

  • Carries forward end of the month balances.
  • Prints Railroad Commission of Texas(RRC) Form PR.
  • Calculates end of the month balances.
  • Calculates production volumes.
  • Verifies that formation production equals dispositions.
  • Validates RRC ID numbers, commingling numbers, and disposition remarks.
  • Creates corrected reports.
  • Prints blank RRC reports.

Pumper Information (Click here to preview report)

  • Accepts daily gauges.
  • Prints daily production.
  • Graphs daily production.
  • Calculates end-of-the-month balances for production reports.

Run Ticket Reporting (Click here to preview report)

  • Calculates net barrels.
  • Calculates corrected gravity.
  • Uses abbreviated tank tables.
  • Reconciles purchaser statements with run tickets.
  • Creates RRC report dispositions from run tickets.

Owner Interest Reporting (Click here to preview report)

  • Prints monthly production data for each owner.
  • Permits over 1,000 leases per owner.
  • Reports can be folded and placed directly into windowed envelopes for mailing.

Oil and Gas Data Analysis

  • Graphs production data on semi-log scale.
  • Graphs can be displayed or printed. (Click here to preview report)
  • Prints numeric data in tabular form. (Click here to preview report)
  • Exports production data.
  • Accepts historical data.
  • Graphs the following data:
  • Oil Production
  • Gas Production
  • Water Production
  • Gas - Oil Ratio / Yield
  • Allows control of the following elements:
  • Number of Cycles
  • Y-Axis Starting Points
  • X-Axis Time Scale

Railroad Commission of Texas Reference

  • Complete listing of all RRC Statewide Rules.
  • RRC personnel directory with telephone numbers.
  • Instructions for Form PR.
  • On-line help manual.


  • PC computer.
  • A hard disk drive with 20 megabytes of free space.
  • Windows 98 or above.
  • A laser printer.

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